Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific UK website. I work on developing the main site structure including coding in php and database implementation using MySql. is the leading scientific supplier website.

janki jewellery

Janki Jewellery is a full e-commerce site custom built for selling unique jewellery online.

This required full branding and build on an os-commerce platform.

james frank carpentry

James Frank Carpentry was built to provide information on the carpentry services offered by this company.

The website build also includes a custom bespoke admin area where the administrator can log-in to add content to ensure the companies portfolio of work is up-to-date.

JQuery has been used instead of flash and throughout the site, due to offline advertising, mobile browsing has been taken into account.

1 daily deal thumb

1 Daily Deal has been built as a personal project. I wanted to offer a new 'simple' service that cuts through the busy-ness of the majority of deal, or voucher websites.

1 Daily Deal is probably the simplest website on the internet. 1 page containing 1 deal for just 1 day.

The website has also been developed as an app for the iPhone. By simply visiting on an iPhone the user can obtain a totally different experience. They can also add to their homescreen to access just like a real app.

My Health and Beauty is for all your health and beauty needs. Search for the products you need and searches its massive database of suppliers for the best prices.

You can also join an ever-growing community of users to share product reviews and health and beauty tips.

I own and develop this site personally.
This is an example of what was the official website.
Clean neat structure which simply uses the striking red colour of Fruli to entice the consumer.
mind life balance#

Not an easy style to design, this life coaching and hypnotherapy website has a very unique style.

Fully designed and developed by myself I have also implemented an admin front end for the client to answer consumer questions online.

The unofficial Fruli fan site which I developed just for a bit of fun. However, after being inundated with requests from fruli fans for more fruli trails and more, I have continued development.

My first foray into the development of a Facebook application. I also documented the process so that I could blog about my experience.

This application lets facebook users pitch their ideas (dragons den style) and then lets their friends rate how good their idea is.


The first of 3 TV-Soundboxes that let the user here quotes from their favorite fonejacker characters.

I have again developed this interactive flash program into a facebook application. Currently this is the most successful of the TV-Soundboxe's attracting over 1,500 users.

gene hunt quotes
This TV-Soundbox uses the same framework as the fonejacker application above. Once more facebook users can add this to their profile allowing them to hear Gene Hunt quotes from Life on Mars.
alan partridge
My all time favorite comedian, Steve Coogan's brilliant character Alan Partridge has also been given the TV-Soundbox treatment. Again this can be added to users facebook profiles.
Inspired by the brilliance of the simple animations on the fonejacker TV series, I developed my own Flash animation (for friends to enjoy really!).
fruli fruli fruli
Based on the Kaiser Chiefs Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby song I filmed and recorded a viral video to encourage more users to land on the unofficial fan site. It worked as well!
fruli im in love
Another viral video based on the Happy Mondays Monday I'm in Love song.