After my initial blogs about Widgetbox and creating a facebook app (Pitch to the Dragons). I thought I’d investigate what sort of fun widget I could create using flash and Widgetbox.

I love fonejacker – It’s one quality program with some excellent characters. It’s also a tv show that lends itself to a little application that lets you here from all the best characters on the show. So I set about creating a flash app that lets the user select a character and then play a series of sound clips from the show.

Once complete I set this up as a facebook widget through using Widgetbox. Once again the process was very easy and within minutes (although the flash app took me several hours!) the widget was up and running.

So… five stars again for Widgetbox.

If you have facebook you can add the fonejacker tv-soundbox to your profile.

It contains all the best characters such as Terry Tibbs, Brian Betonde, The mouse, George Agdgdgwngo, Mr Doovde and the Chinese lad who likes to pirate dvds! I only added this to facebook and promoted it in a few fonejacker groups a couple of days ago and it has already surpassed the dragons app I did weeks ago.

If you haven’t got facebook, you can take a look and play around with it here.

I’ve also included some code on the page incase you would like to embed it in your own website.