After the success of my fonejacker TV Soundbox on Facebook, I decided to try out the same with
two of my favourite characters.

Alan Partridge is a legend… pure and simple. Also, running through his tv shows – The Day Today, Knowing me Knowing you and I’m Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan has blessed our screens with a character that delivers some of the best comedy quotes ever!
Perfect for an Alan Partridge TV Soundbox…

The next character is Gene Hunt from the shows Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. Both show’s have proved to be the best thing to come out of the BBC drama vault in years and Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt doesn’t only deliver a cracking performance in each episode, he also delivers a plethora of quality quotes.
So again… Gene Hunt lends himself perfectly to a TV Soundbox application.

As I have used Widgetbox to make these applications, you can install them on any social networking profile or add them too your own website.

Check them out here…

Gene Hunt
Alan Partridge