I have just made my latest website live – My Health and Beauty – which helps consumers find health and beauty products at the best possible prices. 

Although it’s early days (Literally only made live last week) I’m happy to say I’m seeing quite an impressive number of visits to the site.

It’s quite a while since I built a website for myself, so it was nice to have no restrictions on styles or guide lines to adhere to.  As a developer/designer, to have a free reign when designing and developing websites makes you realise why you loved the profession in the first place.

The site is in its early stages and I intend to pile in more and more product feeds as well as informative articles on health and beauty to add extra value to the site.

The developments so far include a main feed from amazon, a community forum built using phpBB, a dynamic google xml sitemap and the integration of google analytics.  Aside from that I’ve gone through the usual SEO practices of ensuring page titles are well populated, meta tags defined and h1 tags contain keywords.
There’s so much more to do though… in fact, think I better get back to it.  But I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.